Timeless Collection

We have the experience and an eye for authenticity in ethnic wear!

We provide the commitment to our customers as well as the Indian culture.

This commitment goes hand in hand with passion and love for providing the best traditional wear.


India is a nation with a culture as old as time. A factor of pride for the Indian culture has been its self-sufficiency and authenticity, which is famous worldwide. There were times when people would produce commodities of necessity like clothing, at affordable costs. These clothing items had a nostalgic, genuine, and sentimental nature with a long-lasting essence. They had effort, originality, and a peculiar Indian taste attached to them. In times like these, western culture and pop culture influence our day-to-day choices, especially our outfits. The value of the timeless traditional Indian attire is now appreciated.


The story of G2G is a reflection of the olden days. It is the Indian voice that aims to make the authentic Indian wear the new ‘IN’. The idea behind G2Gis to embrace the “Indianness” through its collection of traditional clothing. It aims to bring back the same authenticity and honesty to good Indian ethnic wear, at affordable prices. As Indians, we believe in cherishing our identity, G2G keeps that identity intact through its wide range of “cultural wear”.